Cookie Dough Dip

Last year I made the best discovery of all time: 

Okay, maybe it’s not the best discovery of all time, but for some delicious recipes, it’s right up there.

The woman who writes this blog has some great ideas for pretty much any food setting, and I have tried one that is up on my list of favorites.

“Cookie Dough Dip”

(Find the recipe here:

It’s an explosion of powdered sugar, brown sugar, cream cheese and chocolate. Does it get much better than that?

To me, this sort of reminded me of a cookie dough cheesecake because of the cream cheese flavor. I actually added more brown and powdered sugar to the mix to take away a little of the cheese taste (I still wanted the cheese taste but I didn’t want it to overpower the dip).

It calls for regular sized chocolate chips that you crush up, but I didn’t find a very simple (read: non-messy) way to go about doing that, so I would suggest using mini chocolate chips instead.

To make the chocolate shavings on top, I took a pure dark chocolate bar and used a veggie peeler which works perfectly.

I certainly liked it, but I wasn’t sure how it would go over in a crowd. I made it last year for a small group bible study, and went home with a completely empty dish.

Trust me, this stuff is amazing.

What to serve with it? Jessica, the creator of this recipe suggests ” fruit, cookies, crackers, pretzels or a spoon.” I would add to that teddy grahams and graham crackers (or those graham cracker sticks).

I will definitely make this one again because it’s a great crowd-pleaser, and she’s got three more recipes out that build off from this one that I’m going to have to give a try as well:


Seriously. Try this one. Don’t hesitate. You really won’t be sorry.


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